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  • Why Do I Want Bacteria In My Gut?

    Some days one cup of coffee just isn't enough, and a new study shows that people who drink wine, coffee, tea, buttermilk and eat fruits, vegetables and yogurt increase the diversity of the bacteria in the gut. The average intestine is about 30 feet...

  • What If Something Is Wrong With My Child?

    Parents can often become concerned over their child’s bowel habits. Constipation is one of the two most common complaints doctors hear from parents. Knowing what is “normal” can help ease parents' concerns. These are guidelines, not hard and fast...

  • Abuse of OTC Medications Can Be Lethal

    Two stories were recently released about anti-diarrhea drugs. One warns that using a higher than recommended dose can cause serious, even fatal, heart events.

    Strangely, released almost simultaneously was a story of the FDA warning that overdoses...